Sewing Machine Inventory Relocated to Trinity Presbyterian Church Facility

'Fabrics That Go' Donation > Gap Ministries Warehouse Location

  • Sean Furrier (Provided Truck)
  • Jack Markwardt, Mike Beeson & New Life Bible Fellowship Volunteers
  • Dave Carlson

Move Materials to > Trinity Presbyterian Church Location

Gallery of Volunteer Contributions

Our deepest thanks to the ministry leaders that have welcomed us to use their facilities during the initial setup process... to organize fabric and sewing machines... and to the individual volunteers that have moved, sorted, and processed a mountain of donated fabric material. 

October, 2016

Expanding Sewing Machine Inventory at Craycroft Baptist Church Facility

March, 2017

Fabric & Boxed Fabric Samples Transported to Trinity Presbyterian Church Facility

July, 2016

Sewing Machines at Craycroft Baptist Church Location Moved To Trinity Presbyterian Location

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