Get Involved

​Volunteers Needed

Classroom Facilitators:

  • Act as facilitator for all aspects of classroom instruction.
  • Introduce guest story teller.
  • Give an overview of the lesson.
  • Present guest instructor or video presentation.
  • Assist in set up and breakdown of equipment.

Classroom Aides:

  • Help set up classroom.
  • Assist students with their projects.
  • Assist in the breakdown of equipment.

Classroom Equipment Manager:

  • Oversee the maintenance of an inventory control system of the equipment used in each of the classrooms.
  • Oversee the change out of equipment that needs to be repaired or serviced.

Machine repair technicians:

  • Refurbish newly acquired sewing machines.
  • Repair and service machines as needed.

Prayer Team Captain:

  • Be the point person to share prayer requests with those willing to pray for the needs of the volunteers and students.

Volunteers Needed

Internet/IT Manager:

  • Setup and maintain web site as needed.

Product Designers:

  • Determine what materials would be most desirable and most available for product design.
  • Based on availability, create a list of the most desired materials.
  • Create the product design from the available supply.

Textile Manager:

  • Oversee the collection, sorting, cleaning, and storing of textiles..

Story Tellers Coordinator:

  • Find and schedule individuals who have had a significant event in their life where God showed up to love, forgive and rescue them.

Story Tellers:

  • Give a 10 minute account of how God intervened and rescued you when you needed God’s love, forgiveness and rescue.

Other Material Needs

  • Locations/space for sewing classes.
  • Machine and textile storage locations & racking for both
  • Pre-owned sewing machines
  • Power strips, tables & ironing boards
  • Storage for machines to be kept at classroom sites
  • Replacement supplies of sewing notions i.e. thread, cutting tools, and measuring devices
  • General office supplies

Can I Learn To Sew, Too?

Yes!! We will be happy to teach anyone to sew.

You can bring your own machine, or use one of the machines dedicated to teaching in the classroom. By learning to sew with our under resourced students, you can encourage them… as they learn about sewing and build relationships that will have a lasting effect on their future as individuals… and on their careers.