Who We Are

Doris Carlson, Founder

“A long time dream of teaching sewing to under-resourced individuals has become a reality. Sewing has been a skill that I have used since I learned it as a young teen. It has given me a much needed resource, along with the enjoyment and empowerment during good and hard times… as we raised a family.

Now, I and others have the opportunity to pass this trade, and other trades associated with it, on to many who need to be given a hope for the future!”     

Board Of Directors

Doris Carlson – Executive Director
Dr. Noemi Quintanar, ND — Oversight
Dave Carlson — Operations

Thanks to Our Startup Consultants!

Lisa C. Thompson, Esq.— Legal
Jean Closs-Ames — Textiles
Kathi Martens McMaster – Curriculum
Julie Tinlin – Instruction & Technology
Bob Henry – Mentor
Dottie Butler – Design
Michaelanne Butler — Sustainability
Marcy Wellman — Church Liaison
Dave Bresemann — Marketing


New Creation Trades, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit that operates under the oversight of:

Community Renewal, Inc.
Christian Community Development
Tucson, AZ





2017 – In cooperation with Agape Christian Church International, we taught our first set of classes via teaching videos. ACC International works with the refugee community to teach classes that will aid the refugees to find meaningful employment at their Refugee Resource Center.

2016 – Doris starts New Creation Trades to bring income into financially depressed neighborhoods by providing training for much needed trades. This program provides a great way to invite and welcome under-resourced individuals into the church fellowship where God’s love can be demonstrated through His people.

2015 – Doris identifies a gap in serving those coming out of hardship. An idea began stirring in her heart to support, encourage, and provide a practical trade to raise women out of their current situation.

2006 – Doris Carlson has a strong desire to teach others sewing – a practical skill that she learned as a child.

Kathi Martins provides valuable counsel in the formation of New Creation Trades based on her years of hands-on experience in the retail sale of Kenmore sewing machines and in training clients on machine operation and preferred sewing techniques